Meet Our Seasonal Staff and Interns


Ellie Hahn, Seasonal Wildlife Rehabilitator

Ellie was an intern at Wolf Hollow last summer and is very excited to be back as our Seasonal Rehabilitator for 2018.
She was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and just graduated from the University of Cincinnati in April, earning a degree in Biology, with a focus on Animal Science. She has worked at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, and the Newport Aquarium, where she has been able to learn about a range of animals, and gain experience in her chosen field. Her goal is to become a bird keeper at a zoo, so her time at Wolf Hollow has allowed her to gain a lot of hands-on bird experience, as well as knowledge of animal diets, and handling and care techniques.
She is glad to be back working with the staff and animals at Wolf Hollow, is looking forward to training the interns  this summer, and watching the California Quail running around in the yard!


Lindsey Burley, Rehab Intern

Lindsey traveled from Michigan to be our first intern of the 2018 summer season.  She is currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a concentration on Fish and Wildlife Management at American Public University. Her animal care experience includes over 10 years working in equine care and barn management and several months caring for and conducting enrichment activities for dogs at a boarding, training and daycare kennel.
Lindsey’s career plan is to contribute to wildlife conservation in some way, and hopes that her internship at Wolf Hollow will provide both hands-on experience in wildlife care and a new perspective to carry with her to future work in wildlife management.



Adrianna Pollee, Rehab Intern

Adrianna is currently working towards a degree in Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife at Ohio State University. Growing up in rural Michigan, she was surrounded by neighbors with goats, horses, pigs, chickens, etc and often helped care for them. She volunteered at farms, rode horses, cared for her pet dogs, cats and rats and volunteered at a small local wildlife rehabilitation center. She hopes that the hands-on experience with wildlife and the knowledge of animal behavior gained during her internship at Wolf Hollow will help prepare her for her future career as a field research biologist.




Erin Massey, Rehab Intern

Erin is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science at Oklahoma State University, with the aim of continuing on to vet school. Her animal experience includes being an assistant vet tech at two veterinary practices, several years taking care of horses, showing sheep and volunteering at a humane society. So far, all of her work has been with domestic animals, so she is looking forward to gaining experience working with wildlife in order to broaden her animal care skills and help her decide which aspects of veterinary care she would like to specialize in.




Sophia Marble, Education Intern

Sophia is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Education and Creative Writing from Western Washington University. Through this, she aims to create accessible ways to bring field work and research to local people. Across Oregon and Washington, Sophia has been involved in citizen science surveys as well as teen and kids camps. She is looking forward to broadening her knowledge of wildlife and expanding her connection with the variety of visitors San Juan attracts.





Hannah Burge, Rehab Intern

Hannah is currently a student at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. Her animal care experience includes working at a domestic animal care and adoption center and volunteering at a wildlife reserve in South Africa, where she had the opportunity to work with a range of species including cheetahs, zebra, and crocodiles. Hannah is certain that her future career will involve working with animals, but there are so many different possibilities. She is hoping that her internship at Wolf Hollow will help her decide which field of animal work she would like to pursue.




Kinsey Coffing, Rehab Intern

Kinsey lives in Bremerton, WA, so didn’t have far to travel to join us for an internship this summer. She is currently a student at Western Washington University in Poulsbo, working towards a degree in Environmental Science. She has taken care of a range of family animals since she was a small child and also worked as a pet sitter and dog walker. Her future career goals involve working in rehabilitation and conservation of wildlife, so she sees her internship at Wolf Hollow as an important first step in learning what is involved in wildlife care.




Katie Phillips, Rehab Intern

Katie travelled all the way from Georgia to be our final intern of 2018. She recently graduated from the University of West Georgia with a major in Biology and a minor in Geology.
She has cared for horses, dogs, cats, goats and chickens all her life and enjoyed riding in 3-Day event competitions. She also has experience working at a vet clinic and volunteering at a wild animal rescue center in her home state, and is working towards her Georgia Wildlife Rehabilitation License.

Katie’s goal is to help wildlife in some way, and hopes that her internship at Wolf Hollow will help her extend the animal care knowledge she gained at a vet clinic into the realm of wildlife care. Then she plans to take part in a range of internships to work out where her niche truly lies.





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