Meet Our Seasonal Rehab Staff and Interns

Logan Tyson- Seasonal Wildlife Rehabilitator

I arrived in late April to start a six-month stint at Wolf Hollow. I’m originally from North Carolina where I attended N C State University and graduated with a BS in Zoology and a minor in wildlife science. In the past I have worked in a variety of setting including a zoo, a vet clinic and a wildlife rescue center in Costa Rica. Through these experiences I have been able to work with a variety of species including exotic pets, big cats, elephants and sloths. While I have enjoyed working with exotic species, I am now shifting my focus back to the wildlife I studied in college, which brings me to Wolf Hollow. Here I hope to get more hands-on experience and learn skills of the wildlife rehab field that you can’t learn in a classroom.

Rianna Dean Rehab Intern

Rianna arrived in early May as our first intern of 2023.  She is currently an Animal Science major at Washington State University. She grew up around companion animals and livestock and has experience working with a range of animals including goats, sheep, cows, horses, rabbits, chickens and quail. Her internship at Wolf Hollow will provide the opportunity to gain insight into what is involved in wildlife rehab and learn differences in care techniques for wild and domestic animals. The experience she gains will help her decide which career path she wants to pursue.

Kate Thorne – Rehab Intern

Kate is a student at Washington State University, working towards a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences. Her field work experience includes identifying native amphibians and reptiles, leading field trips to porcupine nesting sites, and setting up wildlife cameras and bird boxes. In addition, Kate has volunteered for an animal rescue facility where she fed and groomed horses, and for the USFWS where she educated the community about chronic wasting disease in deer. Her passion for wildlife began during her freshman year when she took her first natural resources course and instantly fell in love. She is looking forward to learning about nutrition, feeding, treatment and housing of Wolf Hollow’s wild patients, with the goal of one day becoming a wildlife rehabilitator and environmental educator.

Rachel Rothman- Rehab Intern

Rachel has just completed her third year working towards a major in Sustainability Studies and a minor in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida. In addition to her studies, she also has experience fostering dogs and cats for a human society, working as a pet groomer and customer assistant in a pet store, and feeding, bathing and cleaning up after an assortment of animals at a vet clinic. So far, all her animal care experience has been with domestic animals and in her home state of Florida, so now she wants to broaden her scope by learning about the care of wild creatures, and encountering species found in Washington State. She is not entirely sure what her future career will be but would like it to be centered around conservation of endangered species of animals.

Nicolette Clawson – Rehab Intern

Nicolette grew up living on a boat in Seattle and loved the green surroundings and plentiful wildlife. Her family moved to Arizona, but still spend their summers on a boat in Friday Harbor. She has always been interested in animals, and when asked what she’d like to be when she grew up, Nicolette always said she’d like to be a vet. But then she discovered that there were other animal care professions out there too. In addition to caring for family pets including cats, hamsters and fish, she has shadowed at vet clinics, worked at animal shelters and raised tiny, bottle-fed kittens. She is now a student at Washington State University, majoring in Natural Resources and Wildlife Conservation and hopes to gain experience at Wolf Hollow that will enable her to combine her experience in animal care with her knowledge of wildlife conservation to benefit the wild creatures of the Pacific Northwest.

Skylar Stekly – Education Intern

Skylar is our Education Intern for summer 2023. She is from Port Townsend, WA and is a rising senior at the University of Washington, studying Journalism and Public Interest Communication. Outside of academics, Skylar is passionate about working with wildlife. She grew up volunteering at a local shelter and ranch and has continued practices in this field in her travels. Skylar spent 2022 in Europe and South Asia, where she stayed on rescue farms and pursued work in schools. She is interested in using her goals in the fields of writing and communications in connection to her work with children and animals. Skylar is excited to be part of an education program focused on coexistence and interaction with the natural world.

Sage Carpenter – Rehab Intern

Saige is from Tumwater WA, but is currently pursuing a degree in Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences at Oregon State University. She grew up in a rural area, was outside all the time and was lucky enough to be able to observe a range of wildlife such as black bears, foxes, coyotes, deer and elk. This sparked her passion for working with wildlife. Her animal care experience includes caring for family pets and volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center where she worked with raptors, small mammals, and a range of songbirds. She hopes that the hands-on experience she gains at Wolf Hollow this summer will help prepare her for a career in wildlife conservation or rehabilitation.

Julia Soma – Rehab Intern

Julia joined us in mid-July as our 6th rehabilitation intern of the season. She is an ecologist in training with a degree in Biology/Ecology from Northern Michigan University. Since she was young, Julia has dedicated her time to animals. She grew up on a farm, has cared for a range of family pets and rescued neglected Shetland Ponies. Julia has spent many hours interning and volunteering in zoo and veterinary work and was inspired by close observation of both native and exotic animals. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree, she led projects in a wildlife ecology lab, and most recently, she has worked as an equine veterinary assistant. Julia is most excited to learn about the Pacific Northwest ecosystems and become fully immersed in the rehabbing world.

Keira Malone – Rehab Intern

Keira is our 7th and final rehabilitation intern of the 2023 season. She is from Portland, OR and a recent graduate of the University of Puget Sound, where she completed her bachelor’s in Natural Sciences Biology and Neuro-Bioethics. Kiera is looking forward to turning her love of animal biology into a career. She developed this passion through working as a biology storeroom assistant in school. Here, she learned about daily care for mammals, amphibians, and aquatic animals. This included habitat maintenance, feedings, and cleaning for the lab animals. Keira’s goal is to protect the natural world and the animals in it, she is excited to be a part of an organization focused on keeping wildlife wild.

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