Adoption Program

Adopt An Animal

You can support our work at Wolf Hollow and help local wildlife by “Adopting an Animal”. This symbolic adoption  will help cover the costs of rehabilitation for an animal like the one you have chosen. Adoption prices vary according to the average cost of caring for a young or injured animal of that species through to release, although prices are of course lower than the actual rehab. costs. For each animal adopted you will receive a colorful adoption packet containing a certificate, a large photo of the animal, its story and a natural history of the species. Give the gift of life to our orphaned and injured wild friends. Adopt an animal for yourself or a friend today!

Peep – Wood Duckling
Peep was caught by a cat when she was following her Mom and brother and sisters to a pond.
$20 USD

Emerald – Rufous Hummingbird
Emerald was cold and weak and her feathers were all sticky when she was found stuck in a decorative hummingbird feeder.
$20 USD

Squiggle, Wriggle and Wiggle – Northern Flying Squirrels
These young squirrels were tiny, pink babies when their nest tree was cut down.
$30 USD

Saw Whet
Silent – Saw Whet Owl
This tiny owl was hit by a car and had a broken wing.
$30 USD

SS Hawk








Strike – Sharp-shinned Hawk

This young hawk had a serious head injury after hitting a window.
$30 USD

Squawk – Northern Flicker
A dog grabbed this young woodpecker when he was just learning to fly.
$30 USD

Kronk – Great Blue Heron
He was just a few weeks old and was a ball of grey down with huge feet when he fell from his nest high in a tree.
$40 USD

Splish, Splash and Dash – River Otters
They were tiny kits when they were removed from under a house where their mother had made her den.
$40 USD

Selkie- Harbor Seal Pup
Selkie was only a few days old when she was found alone on the beach. She was weak and thin and had wounds from being attacked by a dog.
$50 USD









Aguila – Bald Eagle
This adult female Bald Eagle had eaten a poisoned rodent and was very weak and sick when she was brought to Wolf Hollow.
$50 USD


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