Adoption Program

Adopt An Animal

You can support our work at Wolf Hollow and help local wildlife by “Adopting an Animal”. This symbolic adoption sponsorship will help cover the costs of rehabilitation for an animal like the one you have chosen. Adoption prices vary according to the average cost of taking a young or injured animal of that species through to release, although prices are of course lower than the actual rehab. costs. For each animal adopted you will receive a colorful adoption packet containing a certificate, a large photo of the animal, its story and a natural history of the species. Give the gift of life to our orphaned and injured wild friends. Adopt an animal for yourself or a friend today!

Lummi – Tree Swallow
This little bird was brought to Wolf Hollow with her three siblings when their nest was destroyed by house renovation work.
$15 USD

Bert & Ernie – Cedar Waxwings
Bert and Ernie were tiny nestlings with only a few downy feathers when they came to Wolf Hollow. Their nest had been destroyed when a tree was cut down.
$15 USD

Trinidad & Tobago – Raccoon Kits
These little guys arrived at Wolf Hollow with their two brothers when they were about 6 weeks old. Their mother had been trapped and relocated, leaving the kits starving and cold.
$25 USD

Amber – Black-tailed Deer Fawn
Amber was less than one week old when her mother was killed by a car and she was sent to us for care.
$35 USD

Tatoosh – River Otter
Tatoosh and her two young sisters were brought to us when their mother was killed by a car.
$25 USD

Dusky – Barn Owl
Dusky had eaten poisoned rats or mice and was too sick and weak to stand up when he was sent to Wolf Hollow for care.
$25 USD

Kit – Red Fox
Kit was only 4 weeks old when she was found thin, weak and all alone in someone’s yard.
$35 USD

Shasta – Harbor Seal
Shasta was thin, weak and only a few days old when he was found all alone on the shore.
$45 USD

Bluebeard – Great Blue Heron
Bluebeard had been shot. He had an injured shoulder, wounds on his wings and was weak and thin when he arrived at Wolf Hollow.
$25 USD

Skye – Bald Eagle
Skye lost a fight with another eagle that ended with him almost drowning. He was rescued from the water and brought to Wolf Hollow for care. We receive 8 to 10 eagles each year and the cost to rehabilitate them varies with the injury.
$45 USD

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