O/S = Orphaned or separated from parents
(Location) = Origin of animal
* = Received within the last few days

Eastern Grey Squirrel x4

2 infants, O/S, cause unknown (Mt Vernon), 1 infant, O/S, Dog Attack, (Mt Vernon), *i infant, O/S, out of nest. cause unknown (Sedro Woolley)


Infant, O/S, (Lopez)

Harbor Seal x6

Pups, O/S, emaciated, dehydrated, wounds, (San Juan), (Cypress), (Lopez), (Decatur),

Raccoon x8

2 kits, O/S, (Oak Harbor), 3 kits O/S, emaciated, dehydrated (Orcas), 1 kit, O/S, unknown (San Juan), 2 kits, O/S, (Anacortes)