O/S = Orphaned or separated from parents
(Location) = Origin of animal
* = Received within the last few days

European Rabbitx3

1 infant, O/S, animal attack (Lopez), *2 infants, wounds, dog attack, (Lopez)

Eastern Cottontail x3

1 Infant, O/S, caught by cat, (Whidbey) *1 infant, O/S, (Anacortes), 1 infant, wounds, dog attack, (Concrete)

Harbor Seal x4

1 pup, O/S, (San Juan), 1 pup, O/S, emaciated (San Juan), 1 pup, O/S, dehydrated, emaciated, (Patos), 1 pup, O/S, emaciated, dehydrated (San Juan)

Raccoon x6

Kits, O/S, mother killed, some dehydrated and emaciated, (Orcas, San Juan, Lopez, Shaw),

Red Fox x2

1 kit, O/S, shock, stuck in ditch (San Juan), 1 kit, O/S, found in house (San Juan)