Song Bird Aviary

New Songbird Aviary 2008

We care for around 250-300 songbirds each year, including robins, wrens, chickadees, swallows, finches and many more. We treat injured adults that have been hit by cars, fledglings that have been caught by cats and tiny nestlings that need care when their nest has been destroyed. Before being released back into the wild, it is essential for these little birds to spend time in an outdoor aviary to practice their flight skills or build up strength after recovering from an injury. In the middle of summer we can have so many songbirds that there is a “waiting list” for our existing aviaries, so we decided to build a new aviary.

This new enclosure measures 12 ft. by 12 ft. and is 8 ft. tall. It has three separate sections to house different groups of songbirds and an enclosed entryway to prevent birds escaping when doors are opened. Located on the edge of the woodland, among trees and bushes to provide natural cover and shade.

Thank you!

Our thanks to Summerlee Foundation and Anacortes Kiwanis for making this project possible, Joe Buckler, Mary WillAllen and the University of Washington, Friday Harbor Labs volunteer group who built the enclosure, as well as the volunteers who helped with various stages of site preparation and construction.

Construction Gallery