Maintenance Building

We have more than 40 animal enclosures plus two buildings and other structures on our site. There is lots of wear and tear and always something that needs to be repaired. To minimize disturbance to our patients, major repairs or construction of new enclosures mostly takes place during winter or early spring when we have few animals in care, but this is often when the weather is at its worst.

Our new 24’x24′ Maintenance Building will be a great asset in a number of ways. It will provide an indoor area where staff and volunteers can work on facilities projects, provide storage for tools and materials and in doing so open up more space for animal care in the main building. In addition, it was designed with a bathroom in the corner next to the main parking area where it will be accessible to handicapped visitors or staff.

During October and November, Peter Schmidt Construction built the structure, and in the next few months, they, and our Facilities Manager, Mark Billington, with the assistance of volunteers, will work to complete the interior of the building.

The first several stages of this project have been completed thanks to funds from Anacortes Kiwanis, San Juan Island Community Foundation and a bequest from long term supporter, Joan May.