Septic Systems

Although we are careful with water use, in mid summer we can have over a hundred animals in care, 5 interns living on site and numerous staff and volunteers working each day. We launder multiple loads of animal bedding, clean cages, wash dishes, give seal pups baths in their nursery tubs and maintain pools for otters and ducks. This all adds up to a lot of water going down the drain and was a heavy burden on our two existing septic systems, which were just not equal to the task.

In September two upgraded systems, designed by Orcas Sewage Design Inc were installed by Mike Carlson Enterprises Inc. The new systems include pods to increase aerobic treatment capacity, additional septic tanks and enhanced drain field areas. The systems are computer monitored so that adjustments can be made to keep them working effectively.

Funds to complete this project came from a bequest from Betty Scott, a long-time Wolf Hollow supporter.