Public education is an important part of our work at Wolf Hollow. Our goal is to help people become more aware of the wildlife living around us, understand how our activities can cause problems for these animals, and consider what we can all do to help. We hope that people will then make efforts to reduce the impact they have on wildlife and their habitats and pass this information on to others.

Educational Outreach

Education has been an essential part of the mission of Wolf Hollow since it was founded, and our education program has gradually developed over the years. The aim of this program is to increase peoples’ interest in and understanding of the wildlife living around them, and to increase their awareness of the impacts of human activities on wildlife and their habitats. Read more >>

Our Education Birds

Wolf Hollow holds permits from US Fish and Wildlife Service and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to keep a small number of un-releasable birds to take part in educational outreach programs. We currently have one resident bird: Madrona. Read more >>

Living With Wildlife

In this section we would like to share ideas on how best to coexist with wildlife. We are not in the business of “pest control,” so we won’t be giving suggestions on how to “get rid of” nuisance animals. We prefer to provide hints on how to prevent or reduce some of the wildlife related problems that are most commonly reported to us. Our intention is to help people solve some of these problems, while allowing the wild creatures to continue living in their own home area. Read more >>


An internship at Wolf Hollow provides the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with many different wildlife species and to learn skills such as handling techniques, diets, food preparation and feeding methods and to assist experienced rehab. staff with treatment procedures. Read more >>