I Found An Animal

What should I do if I find a…….?

One of the most common questions people ask is “What should I do if I find an injured or orphaned wild animal?” This is a very difficult question to answer because so many factors influence any decision on the best course of action. Is the animal large or small, a youngster or an adult, injured, sick or orphaned? Where is it? How long has it been there? There is no simple answer, but the following guidelines might help.

One good tip for dealing with an injured wild animal is not to rush in to try to rescue it before you have planned what to do next. You don’t want people to get hurt, the animal’s situation to be worsened, or to end up with an animal in your hands and realize you have nowhere to put it!

If the animal is large or has teeth, beak or claws that could injure you, please do not try to handle it on your own. Call Wolf Hollow (360-378-5000) or your nearest wildlife rehab center.

If you can safely handle the animal:

Prepare a box
– by putting bathroom tissue or a soft cloth (with no strings or fringes) in the bottom, making small air holes in the sides and making sure it closes or you have something to cover it with.

Catch the little animal
– using a cloth or towel and put it in a comfortable position in the box. Handle it as little as possible.

Close or cover the box
– and put it in a warm (not hot), quiet place. Do not try to give it food or water.

Call Wolf Hollow immediately
– at (360) 378-5000.

If the youngster is not injured or sick, has not been caught by a cat and is not in immediate danger (e.g. sitting in the middle of the road) don’t rush in to “rescue” it. Observe from a distance to see if there are parents around. The parent(s) are unlikely to return if you are too close.

Specific Guidelines