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  • Great Blue Heron

    Adult, broken wing, cause unknown (Anacortes)

    Eastern Fox Squirrel x2

    Infants, O/S, out of nest (Orcas)

    Red-tailed Hawk

    Adult, thin, weak, unable to fly, cause unknown (Anacortes)

    Bald Eagle

    Fledgling, O/S, thin, weak unable to fly (San Juan)

    Eastern Grey Squirrel x 7

    3 infants, O/S, Fell from nest (Burlington), 1 infant, O/S, fell from nest (Sedro Woolley),1 infant, O/S (Anacortes), 1 infant, O/S, (Sedro Woolley), * 1 infant, O/S, (Anacortes)

    Barred Owl

    Juvenile, broken wing, Hit by Car (San Juan)

    Raccoon x 2

    1 kit, O/S, human interference, (San Juan), 1 kit, O/S, nest destroyed, (San Juan)

    None Currently In Care