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Now accepting applications for Internships in 2016

We are now accepting applications for our internships in summer/fall 2016. Please visit the internship section of our web site for background information and an application form.

Critters’ Christmas Event

Critters’ Christmas

Drop by the Mullis Community  Senior Center in Friday Harbor between 5pm and 8pm on December 11th.  Join Wolf Hollow staff and board members to enjoy festive goodies, learn more about the animals we care for and bring an item from our special Critter Christmas Wish List as a special gift to local wildlife.

Visit our events section for more details.

River Otters get Live Crab

Our River Otters in care are growing up! We are introducing them to live crab for live prey training, so they will be more adapted to hunting on their own when released back into the wild. 

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Seal Pups In Our Care

In case you’re wondering how many Harbor Seal orphans we have in care right now. . .

We have NINE!

Harbor Seal pups are often orphaned or separated from their mothers and are brought to us for care. 

Here’s a few photos of this season’s pups:

newsealpups (16)

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