Wolf Hollow News

Fun at the Fair

Wolf Hollow joined other local stewardship organizations in the Green Village at San Juan County Fair. We had fun chatting with people at our education booth and watching families playing the mini-golf course.



Harbor Seal Rehab

It is with great regret thnewsealpups (32)at the staff and board of Wolf Hollow must announce the suspension of our marine mammal rehabilitation program for 2016. There are a number of contributing factors, the main one being the lack of the necessary financial support to provide care for these animals. This will in no way affect our ability to rehabilitate the other species of animals we care for at Wolf Hollow.

Marine mammals fall under the jurisdiction of NOAA Fisheries. There are stringent regulations and standards for specialized  facilities and care, and Wolf Hollow must follow these standards closely.

Harbor Seal pup rehabilitation is time consuming and costly, with an estimated cost of up to $3,000 each.  In the coming year, we plan to make further upgrades to our Harbor Seal facilities to meet current standards.  As soon as the project is sized, we’ll be launching a fundraising effort to raise funds for the facilities upgrades as well as the rehabilitation costs.  

Our goal is to reintroduce our marine mammal rehabilitation program by the end of 2017.

Camp Eagle Rock

Our education staff, Shona and Kailee, had fun working with the kids at Camp Eagle Rock last week!Camp Eagle Rock  (2)

Trapped Eagle Released!

DSCN5907DSCN5358In early May, a Bald Eagle was seen at False Bay on San Juan Island,with a heavy metal leg-hold trap clamped on one foot and dragging a length of chain behind. Wolf Hollow staff were able to catch her and bring her to the rehab center for care.

The eagle must have been struggling with the trap for several days because she was thin and weak and her tail feathers were dirty and broken. The trap was immediately removed, but the jaws of the trap had smashed the bone in the middle toe of her left foot and the surrounding tissue was dead so part of the toe had to be amputated.

After 9 weeks of care and recovery at Wolf Hollow the eagle was flying strongly and using her injured foot well, so by July 18th she was ready to be released. When the transport cage door opened, she immediately took off and flew a short distance before landing to check everything out. She spent a few minutes looking around to get her bearings then flew strongly out over the trees, circled around, then headed off into the distance.

             DSC_0292DSC_0301DSC_0303        When she first arrived we weren’t sure if her foot and leg would ever recover well enough for her to hunt and make her living in the wild, so it was great to see her flying free again.


Fourth of July Parade

Friday Harbor’s theme for this year’s Fourth of July parade was “America the Beautiful and 100 Years of National Parks”, so our paper mache animals were dressed as park rangers. Our volunteer owl, mouse and seal handed out the candy! DSCN5746DSCN5742DSCN5765DSCN5756


Meet Our Interns

 DSCN3868 Kailee McKinney

Kailee is our education intern this year. She is currently a student at Washington State University studying Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, with a minor in Fine Arts. She has had experience working with all types of animals as a veterinary assistant and is interested in the educational aspect of animal care and conservation through her years participating and working with kids in her 4H group.



ChristinaChristina Scott 

Our fourth intern of 2016 is Christina Scott, who is a third year student studying Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology at the University of California, Davis. She has worked as an intern in that department and also volunteers at a local Raptor Center.




SaraSara Reszutek

Sara just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Biology and a minor in French. She has animal care experience from years of summer volunteer work at animal shelters, zoos and vet clinics, and now wants to add experience of Wildlife Rehabilitation. Her hope is that this will help her decide whether to apply to veterinary school or pursue graduate work in other aspects of biology and conservation.



ErinErin Sackett

Erin is currently working towards a degree in Zoology, with a minor in Digital Photography at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR. She has experience working with domestic animals through volunteering on farms and at her local humane society and summer work with a dog trainer. She has also worked at a custom taxidermy store and had the opportunity to volunteer at Cascade Raptor Center during her school term. Her internship at Wolf Hollow will add to this range of experience and help Erin decide which aspect of conservation work she would like to pursue.


MonicaMonica Foley

Monica just graduated from Washington State University with a BSc in Zoology, Pre-vet and Animal Care. Her animal experience includes volunteering at the WSU Bear Research, Education and Conservation Facility and with the WSU Raptor Club, and pet sitting for a range of cats, dogs, mice and snakes. Monica knows that her career will involve working with animals, but is currently undecided whether this will involve wildlife research and conservation, domestic animal care or perhaps wildlife rehabilitation.