Wolf Hollow News

Seal Pups In Our Care

In case you’re wondering how many Harbor Seal orphans we have in care right now. . .

We have NINE!

Harbor Seal pups are often orphaned or separated from their mothers and are brought to us for care. 

Here’s a few photos of this season’s pups:

newsealpups (16)

newsealpups (10)newsealpups (28)newsealpups (23)newsealpups (33)newsealpups (40)

Wolf Hollow Benefit Concert Thank You

The Heart of Anacortes benefit concert for Wolf Hollow had a successful silent auction and raffle and included great performances from GravelRoad and The Julie Duke Band. 

We want to thank the following people for all the hard work they put into the event:

Chris Terrell and assistants, Robert P, Ruth Offen, Andrew Stemple, Mack Davis, Gina McCauley, San Juan Canvas, Lisa Rhoades, J. Parrott, Lance Ekhart, Gwen Bertheiz, GravelRoad (Marty, Stefan, and Kirby), The Julie Duke Band members (Chris, John, and Jim), Wolf Hollow Education Staff (Shona and Tate), Marc Brown, Kat Hay, Scott VanBuskirk, and Ross Lockwood.   

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who attended the event, we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed having you there. 

heartofAnacortes (91)heartofAnacortes (70)heartofAnacortes (10)heartofAnacortes (34)heartofAnacortes (16)

Cats & Wildlife

We have added a new section to the website called “Human Impacts on Wildlife” where you can find information, statistics, and suggestions about hazards to wildlife caused by human activity. Although this section is currently under construction, our page about domestic cats is ready for viewing. 

Do you know how many wild birds are killed by domestic house cats each year?

Click here to learn about the effect of cats on wildlife. 

2015 Fourth of July Parade!

The interns and staff at Wolf Hollow had fun preparing for and participating in the Friday Harbor 4th of July Parade! The theme this year was “Hooray for Hollywood” so our critters dressed their best for the part. 




Two of our interns volunteered to dress up as a Harbor Seal and a Great Horned Owl to hand out candy.


DSC_0353DSC_0317DSC_0333See you next year!!