Wolf Hollow News

Three More Seals Released

Three young seals were released back into the wild yesterday after being cared for at Wolf Hollow. The three pups were stranded on beaches on Orcas and San Juan Islands in July and were brought to the rehab. center by San Juan County Marine Mammal Stranding Network. The pups were all about a week old when they arrived, were weak and thin and had wounds and infections. After several weeks of care they were all fat and healthy and ready for their life back in the waters around the islands. 

They rushed from their transport carriers, splashed into the water and were soon swimming far out into the bay.

Seal Release Sept 29th 2017 (18)




 Seal Release Sept 29th 2017 (19)






 Seal Release Sept 29th 2017 (20)



Fun at the Fair


Making Buzzin’ Bee flags

Wolf Hollow joined other local stewardship groups in the Green Village at San Juan County Fair (Aug 16th-19th). Visitors enjoyed learning about native pollinators by making colorful bee flags, and playing the mini-golf course.


Our education booth at San Juan County Fair


Playing the Wolf Hollow hole on the mini-golf course.

Young Heron Released

The sole surviving young heron from the injured chicks that were brought to Wolf Hollow after strong winds damaged nests at the Skagit Land Trust heronry in late May, was successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild on Monday, 8/21.

Many thanks to the volunteers at the Skagit Land Trust heronry and the Skagit Heron Foraging Study team for their assistance in bringing this bird back to his home near Padilla Bay. Please enjoy this video of his flight to freedom! 


New Heron Cage Completed

Our new Heron Cage is complete and ready for it’s first occupant. A grant from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife enabled us to build this new enclosure, which is 36 feet long, 16 feet wide and 12 feet high. Heron Cage Complete May 2017 (5)

Heron Cage Complete May 2017 (1)

Heron Cage Complete May 2017 (2)

Meet Our Seasonal Staff and Interns

Megan Perry – Seasonal Wildlife Rehabilitator

DSCN7417Megan recently moved from Southern California to join the Wolf Hollow team as our Seasonal Rehabilitator. She has worked with Wolf Hollow in the past, first as an intern in 2010, and again as a Seasonal Rehabilitator in 2013. Megan has a Bachelors degree in Human Development from Long Beach State University, and received her Associates of Science in Veterinary Technology from Carrington College in 2015. Megan earned her Registered Vet. Tech.  License in 2016, and has spent the last three years working as a veterinary technician in a clinic that specialized in both exotic and domestic pet care.  As Seasonal Rehabilitator, Megan is involved in all aspects of animal care, as well as intern training and guidance. 


Alyssa Latrobe – Rehab Intern

Alyssa Latrobe (2)Alyssa came all the way from Florida to be our first intern of 2017.
She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from Florida State University. Alyssa’s animal care experience comes from working with a range of pets and farm animals and also from an internship and work as an Animal Keeper at Tigers for Tomorrow animal sanctuary.



Kinsey Bickham – Rehab Intern

DSCN7415Kinsey arrived at Wolf Hollow in mid-May, as our second intern of 2017.
Kinsey is currently working towards a degree in Biochemistry with a minor in Psychology and a focus on pre-veterinary requirements at the University of Texas. Volunteering in the parvovirus intensive care unit at Austin Pets Alive! made her realize that animal care might be the career for her, and encouraged her to explore other types of animal care opportunities, including this internship at Wolf Hollow.



Ellie Hahn – Rehab Intern

DSCN7724Ellie joined us in mid-June as our third intern of 2017.
She is currently working towards a degree in Biology and Animal Science at the University of Cincinnati. During her high school years she volunteered at an animal shelter, had a job at a vet clinic and chose zoos and animal protection as the topic for her senor project. To gain further experience she works at Cincinnati Zoo and plans to add skills gained during her internship at Wolf Hollow to her growing resume of animal care experience.


Zoe Austin – Education Intern

DSCN7759Zoe is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science at Western Washington University.  She has worked at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, WA as a Youth Volunteer Zoo Guide, and also as an after-school math club tutor at an elementary school and a middle school classroom volunteer, assisting 8th graders with English and Writing.  She is aiming for a career concerning ecosystem conservation but feels that education is a pivotal first step in solving environmental issues, hence her internship here at Wolf Hollow. Zoe will be involved in a range of outreach activities including weekly talks at local parks, manning our education booth at events and preparing materials for summer children’s activities.


Paloma Miro – Rehab Intern 

DSCN7803Paloma joined us in mid-June as our 4th intern of 2017. She is currently working towards a degree in Animal Science with a specialization in Captive and Companion Animals, at the University of California, Davis. She has worked with a range of livestock as part of her university classes, has volunteered at an animal shelter and completed a 3-month zoo keeping internship last summer. This internship at Wolf Hollow will provide experience of Wildlife Rehabilitation to help her decide which type of animal care, rescue or conservation work she would like to pursue as a career.


Breanne Brown –  Rehab Intern

DSCN8096Breanne has just finished her third year at the University of California, Los Angeles, studying Anthropology and Conservation Biology. She has a rich variety of animal care experience from her volunteer work as a zoo keeper, at domestic animal shelters and at an aquarium, and now hopes to combine that experience with her conservation biology knowledge to explore the field of Wildlife Rehabilitation as a possible career.



Nick Denk – Rehab Intern

DSCN8165Nick is currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Science at Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University in Bellingham. He has been fascinated by wildlife since he was a small child, has carried out field research projects and taught wildlife tracking and wilderness survival. His animal care experience comes mainly from raising a range of domestic animals, but he now hopes to turn these skills to caring for wild animals, with the goal of becoming a Wildlife Rehabilitator.



Rachel Grimm – Rehab Intern

DSCN8245Rachel is currently a senior at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, majoring in Sustainability, with a concentration on Conservation Biology and Natural Resource Management. In addition to her studies, she also has experience working at a pet care facility and as a youth leader at summer camps for several years. Rachel has always been interested in wildlife conservation and hopes that her experience at Wolf Hollow will help her decide if she wishes to pursue this by working as a park ranger, as a research scientist or perhaps in a wildlife sanctuary.

Baby Season has arrived

Nestling Juncos, tiny baby Cottontails, downy ducklings, a fawn and a baby weasel are just some of the young creatures that have come to Wolf Hollow for care in the past couple of weeks. Take a look at our Currently in Care page for details and photos of these young animals.

DSCN7390 DSCN7400 DSCN7313