Wolf Hollow News

Mother’s Day Otter Adoption

Because he doesn’t have a mother…give him the gift of one with a special Mother’s Day Adoption.

OtterWEBAdopt this baby River Otter in your mother’s name and we will provide you with a customizable adoption certificate for you to give her on Mother’s Day.

Adoptions are only $25 each – be sure to get one for all the moms in your life.

You can print mail the certificate by clicking HERE, or if you prefer, we can mail it for you (until Thursday, May 7th).  Just enter the name and address of the person to receive the adoption at “add special instructions to the seller” when you checkout.

If you prefer not to give online, checks may be mailed to PO Box 391 Friday Harbor, WA 98250.

This little guy will be with us at Wolf Hollow for about six months, until he is ready to be released back into the wild. So, let your mom know, that with your help, we will be taking good care of him for her until then.

And tell her not to worry – we’ll do the bottle-feeding.

Thank you for your continued support. It means so much to us and the injured and orphaned we care for.

Julie Duke
Executive Director

P.S. If you think your mother would prefer to adopt a different wild animal, please view our other adoption options by clicking HERE.

Baby Rabbits!

Aren’t they cute?

It’s springtime at Wolf Hollow, which means it is also baby season. It is this time of year that we receive the most orphaned wildlife. Most of the babies we get in for care are orphans because of human activity. Here are a few of the causes and some tips on how you can help prevent them:

Cars – large numbers of wild animals are hit by cars and there’s always a possibility of young ones being left behind. Please drive slowly and carefully, especially at night or in wooded areas.

Cats & Dogs – most cats are backyard hunters and most dogs love to chase. Your pets can injure or kill wild animals, sometimes leaving behind a nest of babies to fend for themselves. Please don’t allow your pets to run loose, especially during baby season. 

Yard Work – although this time of the year is perfect for yard work, various yard and gardening projects can destroy nests or cause injury to wild animals. Please postpone projects until after the young have left the nest. Always keep an eye and ear out for nesting sites on your property. Have patience and enjoy the wildlife in your own backyard.

Too Close – Moving “just a bit closer” to get a better look may sound harmless, but wild animals often panic when people get too close and this can lead to injury or abandonment of youngsters. Please keep a reasonable distance. 

Check out our “Living With Wildlife” section for more helpful hints.


Doe Bay Café Thursday Pizza Nights

Wolf Hollow has been chosen as the beneficiary of Thursday Pizza Nights at Doe Bay Café on Orcas Island during the month of May.  We will receive $1.00 for every pizza sold, so please come along and bring your family and friends to enjoy delicious pizza and support Wolf Hollow.

Thank you Doe Bay Café!

Wolf Hollow Open House

Our Open House on April 4th was a great success. The weather was nice and around 180 people visited Wolf Hollow to take guided tours of our treatment areas and enclosures, meet staff and board members and learn more about the work we do.

 Our thanks to everyone who came to the Open House, to Kraig Hansen of San Juan Transit for providing the free shuttle bus that transported visitors back and forth between Friday Harbor and Wolf Hollow and to Jill Berger for taking lots of great photos.


Open House Tour 2015


Open House, Madrona 2015


Open House, Aspen 2015