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Flying Squirrel Gala October 29th!


More seals released!


Three more seals were released on September 19th for the 2014 season. 

Rajka (names are apple varieties this year!) was seen alone on Locust Beach near Bellingham for more than 24 hours. The beach was busy with lots of people and dogs. He was brought to us thin and dehydrated, just 18.7 pounds and about 10 days old. 

Cameo was found alone in Friday Harbor Marina, following boats and approaching people. She was also brought to us thin, weak, and dehydrated. She weighed just 17.4 pounds and was only about 2 days old. 

Liberty was brought to us from Lummi Island where she was found alone on a beach. She was about 18.9 pounds and about 10 days old. Along with being thin and dehydrated, she had a right eye injury and swelling on her head. 

All three seals were released weighing over 50 pounds. 

Just before release, a small, light-weight, hat-tag is glued to the fur on the tops of their heads for easy spotting.  If you happen to see a seal with a funny hat, you can help by calling the marine mammal stranding network  hotline (1 800 562 8832) to report the sighting. 

View their release video HERE!


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Fourth of July Parade

Wolf Hollow’s float in Friday Harbor’s Fourth of July Parade! The theme was Storybook Heroes. Can you spot Goldilocks, Robin Hood, and Little Red Riding Hood?DSCN2805DSCN2780DSCN2812