Wolf Hollow News

Now Accepting Internship Applications for 2015

We are now accepting applications for internship positions at Wolf Hollow during the May to October period 2015. Please visit the Education/Internship section of this web site for further details.

Living With Wildlife

Check out our new section called Living With Wildlife under “Education.”

In this section we explore common wildlife related issues that people run into at their home or workplace. You will find helpful hints for a variety of wildlife, from Raccoons to Raptors!

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, or you have found injured or orphaned wildlife, please call us at 360-378-5000.


Raccoon Kits

New-Video Footage

Take a look at our new Video section, to watch a crazy heron chick, bouncing fawns and night activity of flying squirrels. 

Slatted Flight Remodel

Our Slatted Flight enclosure had seen a lot of use in its > 20 year history and was feeling its age. It had housed countless eagles, hawks and owls during various stages of their recovery and had been repaired many times. When Curtiss Wikstrom asked that his generous donation in memory of his wife Sharon be used to complete a special project, we knew immediately what was top of the list.

This spring our Facilities Manager, Mark Billington, took down the old cage and rebuilt the enclosure from the ground up. The new improved version of the Slatted Flight is now complete and ready for its first feathered guests.