Open House Canceled

We are sorry to announce that Wolf Hollow’s Open House, scheduled for March 28th, has been canceled. Due to community concerns about the coronavirus, we felt that this was the most responsible course of action.

We apologize to anyone who was looking forward to touring our facility and meeting our staff, board, and volunteers, but we look forward to seeing you all next spring at our 2021 Open House.

Fawns and Raccoons Released

Our “baby season” for 2019 came to a close on Nov 21st when we released our final youngsters of this year – 3 young deer and 7 raccoons.  These youngsters came to us as tiny fawns and kits in early summer and spent the following months growing and learning skills in preparation for life in the wild. 

The young deer tentatively stepped out of the trailer and slowly moved off through the woods, nibbling as they went








Later, the raccoons took a few minutes to emerge from their transport carriers, then trundled off through the bushes to climb a tree. 

Seals all Released

Our last two seals of the year were released in mid-October, bringing a successful seal season to a close. We received seven young, thin, orphaned or separated pups in July and early August, and all seven grew to be big , fat, healthy youngsters that were released in September and October. Some of the earlier seals were slow to leave their transport carriers, but the final two were so eager to leave that the carriers were rocking back and forth on the beach. When the doors were opened they quickly splashed into the water and swam out across the bay until they were just tiny specks in the distance.

Lavender Fete Aug 9th

Fourth of July Parade

Take a look at our float in San Juan Island’s Fourth of July Parade!

This year’s theme was “Stars, Past and Present”, so the stars of our float were a Bald Eagle pair and their nest. Interns Hayley (Harbor Seal) and Missy (Great Horned Owl) had fun handing out the candy.


Meet Our Seasonal Staff and Interns

Seasonal Rehabilitator – Sara Reszutek.

Sara is excited to be back at Wolf Hollow after working as an intern here in the summer of 2016. She graduated in 2016 with a BA in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and has since earned her Master’s in Wildlife Health and Population Management from the University of Sydney. Sara has worked with animals in settings ranging from small animal shelters and vet clinics to zoos and exotic and wildlife animal hospitals. Her experiences studying wildlife and caring for animals have inspired her to return for this year’s busy baby season to work with and learn from Wolf Hollow’s dedicated staff, volunteers, and interns.




Rehab Intern  – Kallie Feldhaus

Our first intern of 2019 is Kallie Feldhaus, who graduated from the University of Denver, CO in June 2018, with a BS in Biology and Psychology and minors in Chemistry and Mathematics.  Her previous animal care experience includes volunteer work at an animal shelter and as a veterinary assistant. Kallie hopes that her internship at Wolf Hollow will provide her with hands-on experience working with wildlife, which will compliment her domestic animal experience and take her one step further towards her career goal of becoming a veterinarian focusing on wildlife rehabilitation.




Rehab Intern  – Elizabeth Jessmore

Liz joined us in mid-May as our second intern of 2019. She was raised on a farm in Idaho where she helped care for goats, llamas, pigs, chickens and rabbits, then continued her animal care experience with internships at a local zoo. She is currently a student at the University of Montana, majoring in Wildlife Biology and plans to follow a career in conservation.







Rehab Intern – Brett Bohnert

In early June Brett joined the rehab team as our third intern of 2019. Brett’s home is in Bend, Oregon but she is currently attending Grinnell College in Iowa, where she is working towards a BA in Biology, with a primary focus on conservation work. She has a range of animal-related experience including caring for her own pets, assisting with a spay/neuter project, caring  for cats at an animal shelter and travelling to Costa Rica to help gather data on Leatherback Turtles. She is enjoying watching and photographing birds on the San Juans.




Education Intern – Hayley Deti

Hayley’s home is in Kent, WA and she is currently a student at Western Washington University, studying environmental education and studio art. She has always been interested in nature and enjoyed volunteering at an aquarium and a wildlife rehab center so much that she decided to pursue a career in environmental education. She sees her 3-month internship at Wolf Hollow as a perfect next step towards becoming a positive and passionate educator who can inspire youth so they can learn how to care for and love our environment.



Rehab Intern  – Missy Melvin

Missy is from Urbana, IL and in 2017 she graduated from Parkland College, IL with a degree in Biology.  Her involvement in animal care started in high school when she volunteered at a humane society, a zoo and an animal hospital. This continued throughout her college years when she worked as an animal caretaker at a nature center, as an intern at an elephant sanctuary and as a vet assistant at a small animal clinic in St Croix, US Virgin Islands. Missy hopes that her internship at Wolf Hollow will help bring together the skills she has learned in previous positions and take her another step towards her goal of managing a sanctuary or wildlife rehabilitation center of her own.



Rehab Intern – Josie Jensen-Pineda

Josie arrived at Wolf Hollow in early July as our fifth rehab intern of 2019. Her home is in Maple Falls, WA and she is currently pursuing a Biology Degree at Western Washington University. She spent most of her childhood on a farm in Skagit Valley, WA,  where she helped care for horses, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens and rabbits, and enjoyed watching the wild birds living in the area. Her goal is to become a Wildlife Biologist and work in the Pacific Northwest.




Rehab Intern – Ann Elyse Kelsey

Elyse joined our rehab team in late-July. She currently lives in Ocean Shores, WA and is a senior Environmental Science student at Western Washington University.

Her animal experience includes caring for a wide range of pets and domestic animals, and volunteering for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s mountain goat relocation program. Her long-term career goal is to become a wildlife biologist.



Rehab Intern – Allison Weindorf

Allison traveled all the way from South Carolina to be our final intern of the year. In spring 2019 she graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in biology and emphasis on wildlife studies. Allison grew up in Washington State and spent much of her childhood exploring the forests around her home and watching local wildlife. Her animal care experience includes working with domestic pets and farm animals, and volunteering with an animal society. At this point she’s not sure exactly what career she will pursue, but knows it will involve wildlife conservation.