First Babies of 2020

Baby season at Wolf Hollow officially started on March 1st with the arrival of a batch of tiny infant squirrels that were found on the ground in a yard in Sedro Woolley. This is the earliest we have ever received baby mammals. When they arrived, the little squirrels were only a few days old and were pink and furless, but in just 2 weeks they have almost doubled their weight and have grown a soft down of grey fuzz. Their ears and eyes should open soon, so stay tuned for more photos of these youngsters.


Wolf Hollow’s plans for COVID-19

We wanted to reach out and let you know what Wolf Hollow’s plans are in the event that COVID-19 has a major impact on our local area.

First, we have made the decision to cancel our annual Open House. Of course we never want to cancel events, but we felt this was the right decision in the current circumstances. The health of our members, donors, volunteers and community has been and remains a top priority.

Second, we plan to continue normal operations as much as possible. Our rehabilitation staff will continue to be on site seven days a week and be available by phone after hours for emergencies. If staff members become sick, we have experienced volunteers who are available to fill in so that our wild patients continue to receive care.

We rely heavily on our network of Animal Transport Volunteers on other islands and the mainland to get animals to us for care. As long as our volunteers are able and willing to do this, and the ferries to the islands are running, we plan to continue serving all of San Juan and Skagit Counties and Northern Whidbey Island.

Wildlife “baby season” is here and you can rest assured that we will do our best to continue to provide care for all the injured and orphaned wild creatures that need our help at this time of year.

We are grateful for all the support you have shown our organization throughout the years. We hope you and your loved ones remain well.

Open House Canceled

We are sorry to announce that Wolf Hollow’s Open House, scheduled for March 28th, has been canceled. Due to community concerns about the coronavirus, we felt that this was the most responsible course of action.

We apologize to anyone who was looking forward to touring our facility and meeting our staff, board, and volunteers, but we look forward to seeing you all next spring at our 2021 Open House.

Fawns and Raccoons Released

Our “baby season” for 2019 came to a close on Nov 21st when we released our final youngsters of this year – 3 young deer and 7 raccoons.  These youngsters came to us as tiny fawns and kits in early summer and spent the following months growing and learning skills in preparation for life in the wild. 

The young deer tentatively stepped out of the trailer and slowly moved off through the woods, nibbling as they went








Later, the raccoons took a few minutes to emerge from their transport carriers, then trundled off through the bushes to climb a tree. 

Seals all Released

Our last two seals of the year were released in mid-October, bringing a successful seal season to a close. We received seven young, thin, orphaned or separated pups in July and early August, and all seven grew to be big , fat, healthy youngsters that were released in September and October. Some of the earlier seals were slow to leave their transport carriers, but the final two were so eager to leave that the carriers were rocking back and forth on the beach. When the doors were opened they quickly splashed into the water and swam out across the bay until they were just tiny specks in the distance.

Lavender Fete Aug 9th