Gabrielle Gilham- Education Coordinator

Gabrielle joined our staff as an Education Coordinator in April 2024. She has a degree in Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior from Rutgers University, and completed her Master’s in Animal Law, at Lewis and Clark Law School, prior to joining Wolf Hollow. While in graduate school, she volunteered at a big cat sanctuary, and held various wildlife policy and research internships. She has wildlife care experience through an internship, as well as a few years of volunteering at a wildlife center in New Jersey. Gabrielle also spent a few months in Alaska as a wildlife naturalist, educating the public about Alaska’s flora and fauna.

As the Education Coordinator, Gabrielle’s work includes educating people about local wildlife and the human impacts on these animals and their habitats. She coordinates our Educational Outreach and Internship Program, as well as produces our newsletter, “Wild Times.”


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